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Determine your ideal smile!

These pages will assist you in choosing your ideal smile for cosmetic and restorative dental work.


There are basically three shapes for each of the front six teeth:
Centrals "big teeth - incisors" can be squared, square round, or rounded.
Laterals "eye teeth" can be squared, square round, or rounded.
Cuspids "canines" can be flat, rounded, or pointed.


This catalog describes the twelve most common arrangements of shapes and names them according to a theme of the design. Don't let the name lead you to a decision. If you find a design you and your dentist like, please use that design. Some designs have extra options. There are also situations where a design may not be possible for your situation. In most situations, however, these designs can guide you towards a beautiful smile.




Adapted from The Smile Catalog originally published by
The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

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