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If you have a dental co-payment insurance policy, we will file your forms and help you maximize your benefits. We ask that you keep several important facts in mind.

  • Some dental insurance companies have their own schedule of fees. This type of insurance covers a percentage of their fee. That fee may not be the same as ours. When this happens, please remember that your individual policy determines what your benefits are going to be. If your insurance does not cover our entire fee this means that your benefits are too low and the remaining amount is your responsibility.

  • You should think of your dental insurance as a benefit, as it is not insurance in the true sense of the word and will not cover the major portion of most expenses for restorative procedures. When dental co- payment plans began in 1970, they allowed the same average maximum payments (of $1000 for example) per year as allowed today. In other words, your $1000 yearly benefit is equal to $227 today, considering an annual inflation rate of 6%. Had insurance companies adjusted their benefits annually to compensate for inflation only, your benefit for this year would amount to $3600. In this system the only winner is the insurance company.

  • In addition to the inflationary cost increases since 1970, please consider the costs of providing care according to the rigid infection control requirements now in place due to the AIDS and hepatitis concerns. Adding the expense of disposable supplies, masks, gloves, eye wear, regulation attire and laundry for staff, mandatory continuing education in disease control and numerous other related expenses, you can quickly see that it is impossible to deliver high quality care for the fees your insurance company would have you expect.

  • Most importantly, remember that we work 100% for you, not for your insurance company. We refuse to compromise our standards by offering anything less than the complete care you deserve. Your insurance company is a for-profit organization that makes money by collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible in claims. They have not examined your mouth and to not take a personal interest in your dental health. You should expect your insurance to cover 30-80% of the total fee for comprehensive dental services provided in a private practice such as ours.

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