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Due to the growing concern about the transmission of AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses, we have chosen to share with you some valuable information about our sterilization methods and infection control systems.

In addition to compliance with requirements from three different guidelines, we also follow their recommendations for added safety so that our individual office standards exceed requirements at all times. Our basic infection control and sterilization methods are as follows:

  • All non-removable surfaces in treatment areas are thoroughly disinfected between patients and covered with plastic film.

  • All instruments and instrument trays are thoroughly scrubbed to remove debris.

  • Instruments are placed in an ultrasonic device that contains a cleaning solution to further remove debris using ultrasonic vibrations.

  • All instruments (including hand pieces) are autoclaved by a process that combines heat and pressure to thoroughly sterilize them.

  • Needles, unit dose anesthetic cartridges, suction devices cotton and paper products and gloves are used once and disposed of according to OSHA regulations.

  • Our standard attire now includes scrub suits, masks, gloves, and protective eye wear. Patients may also have protective eye wear during procedures if they request them.

  • Maintenance of infection control standards at this level is costly and time consuming, but essential in our opinion.
We appreciate the confidence you have shown by selecting us to meet your dental health care needs. We welcome any questions you may have and are eager to show you are sterilization facilities should you so desire. Your health and protection as well as that of our families is one of our greatest concerns. We hope this information will relieve any concerns you may have about sterilizations and safety in our office.

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