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 Financial Policy

It is our policy to discuss fees with our patients and to make specific written financial arrangements before beginning treatment. We hope to prevent misunderstanding is this way as well as reduce the "financial anxiety" that frequently accompanies any type of health care.

Payment will be expected at the time services are rendered for fees less than $150. We have three payment options for fees over $150.

  1. Payment of treatment plan in full at the initial treatment visit will be given a 5% bookkeeping fee reduction. Credit card payments in full will be given a 3% fee reduction. This saves us expenses involved in bookkeeping and billing.

  2. Fees over $150 may be divided into payments to be made periodically during the course of treatment, with the total treatment fee being paid in full by the last visit. We welcome your personal check or cash and also accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover. We do not extend credit for longer than ninety days on any account except in very unusual circumstances or for orthodontics.

  3. More extended credit is available for fees over $1000 through the Dental Fee Plan. They offer payment plans from six to sixty months, depending on the treatment fee, with no pre-payment penalty.

As a service to our patients, we will file your insurance forms and estimate as closely as possible the benefit expected from your insurance carrier. However, each patient is responsible for all fees incurred should their insurance benefits be less than expected.

A signed financial agreement is required on all accounts with a balance of greater than $100. We are doing this for all our patients as this allows all parties to understand all fees involved and how they will be paid.

While we prefer not to be involved in assignment of insurance benefits, if you need us to accept dental insurance as a co-payer of your account, we will do so with the following stipulation:

  1. The portion of the case that will not be paid by the insurance is due at the time of treatment.

  2. Discounts are not available if insurance is a co-payer of the account.

  3. Insurance checks must be assigned to our office.

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